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January 21st, 2010 by Justin Kemerling
[caption id="attachment_583" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="What's next in 2010? All of the above please."]What's next in 2010? All of the above please.[/caption] This morning I received an email from my good friend Dan Schreiber. It was his response to the folks at as to why he was unsubscribing from their email list. I loved it. Such a small form of protest, but so significant. I'd say it captures a particular mood a lot of us are feeling: "Well yeah we're still with you, but damn man, I'm not so sure you're with us." It's hard to rally around compromise, and it's even harder to enthusiastically back things that make the corporate interests smile. So. Now that 2010 is really rolling, we're of course in for throwin' down. And for all-of-the-above. (Getting at the structural problems that if not addressed will make the next 50 years non-too-pleasant.) Just remember, those of us with punk rock sensibilities aren't too keen on sellouts. It's time to lead with a little less COM-PRO-MISE and a little more YES WE CAN.  For the time being, I'll be unsubscribing as well. And here is Dan's response, with the following disclaimer: Those of you who know me best will know where I've bridled the appropriate profanities.  'Handing MA voters that awful woman was an insult. You are reaping what you sowed. I support President Obama, but we need to follow through. PUSH. RECONCILIATION. Let blue dogs know that they fall in line or fall out. We - President Obama, Congressional Democrats and I - are most certainly not too far left. We are too centrist. Let's show the world that we have the [golly darn gumption] to give our people what they deserve - real health care reform. We must offer all we have to our neighbors, brothers and sisters in Haiti right now. If we are to continue fighting at home during this period, it must be worth the effort. Unless we move to make real change happen, I won't blame the American voters for electing another Scott Brown in 2012. For crying out loud - MASSACHUSETTS elected the male Sarah Palin. Please make me believe again that you know what the hell you're doing in our name. Thanks.' Dan Schreiber

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2 Responses to “Please tell us why you are unsubscribing from”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Funny, I unsubscribed from their mailing list the other day, too. Got an email from them right after I read an article talking about how Obama signaled that — following the loss in Massachusetts — he was willing to make more concessions on the health care bill, or set it aside for awhile. Weak. Sauce. Said the email:

    “The President isn’t walking away from these challenges. In fact, his determination and resolve are only stronger.”

    Really? Wish I could see it. But I don’t; their words sound hollow right now. I’m glad I’m not the only one that unsubscribed. Yeah, a small protest. But I guarantee there’s someone tracking the numbers. Hopefully there’s a shift large enough to notice. Come on, White House, give us some love again — and not just when you ask for donations.

  2. Justin Kemerling Says:

    I would bet that much celebrated 13 million person email list from the campaign is quite a bit less today. It’s really a shame. Don’t get me wrong, I am indeed in for all of the above. I still think we can get there. But if he doesn’t move to the left and leave the comforts of that corporate “conventional wisdom”, we’ll just have to go to plan B.

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