‘We Did Not Fear Our Future, We Shaped It’

March 22nd, 2010 by Justin Kemerling
[caption id="attachment_1551" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="HuffingtonPost.com at 9 AM on Monday March 29th, 2010"][/caption] So. Fourteen months after Barack Obama came to Washington, change has now come to America. Just look at those huge, red, all-capped letters from HuffPost. I have to admit. When the House passed the goods, "holy shit" were the first words I uttered. Say what you will about the process. It was ugly. Unfair. Stupid. Secretive. Pathetic. Infuriating. Open. Democratic. Optimistic. Inspiring. Hopeful. All and everything wrapped up into a spectacle of governing. But today, we are finally starting to say that universal health care is something we value as a society. It's seen as important. Something this country should make sure all of its citizens have in the name of dignity, fairness, equality and justice. It's an expansion of our common humanity that we actually give a shit about each other.  32,000,000 each others. We've now proven we can actually do something to make things happen. It's a good feeling. Pre-existing conditions. Recision. Dropping the sick. All of it no more. Of course, I live in a conservative state so I've heard lots from the right about the destruction of America if this passes. About how our premiums are going to go up. Government takeover. How Canada sucks. Pretty much all of the sound bites I've gotten first hand. Hearing it all leads me to the conclusion we all have to stop worrying about something getting taken away from us. Instead we need to start envisioning how we can give of ourselves to make this place better. We need more of that "we've come to shape the future" attitude. And a big group hug after all of this. C'mon people, hug it out. It's a new day. We've taken on health care. Next up: climate change, immigration, worker rights. We'll sure need more civility from here on out. Everybody now!

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