A Very Sad Day.

April 29th, 2010 by Justin Kemerling
[caption id="attachment_2082" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="Bill Moyers Journal"][/caption] This Friday, April 30, 2010 marks the end of Bill Moyers Journal. When I first heard the news I was shocked. In disbelief. What on earth was I to do? How was I to make sense of the world? Of America? In the battle of ideas that shakes our foundations of reality, this show held firm to thoughtful discussion, an embrace of dialogue and a grasp on reality you just can't get anywhere else. And Bill Moyers is simply an amazing journalist and conducts one hell of an interview. From our wars, to our health care, to the vitally important coverage of the economic crisis, to the future of the Internet itself, this show was the show. I'd say if everybody watched this show, or at least looked at the issues from a similar place of thoughtfulness, civility and integrity, we would be better suited as a society to take on the big challenges staring us in the face waiting for us to blink. But hey, I guess it's just easier to scream like a buffoon and write a bunch of scribbles on a chalkboard. So. This Friday is going to be a very sad day. The last episode of the Journal. We salute you Mr. Moyers. For your ideas. For your passion. For your tone. For all that you have done to help steer the ship. Here's to the Journal. Onward!  [caption id="attachment_2077" align="alignnone" width="540" caption=""This is the big one." Inside The Banking Crisis. "][/caption]

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