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June 24th, 2010 by Justin Kemerling

There's just something about how Naomi Klein Buy Phentrimine Online Without Prescription, sees a situation. Where can i buy Phentrimine online, Her point of view is a powerful take on our world. Author of NO LOGO and the Shock Doctrine, online buy Phentrimine without a prescription, Buy generic Phentrimine, her most recent article covers the oil spill in the gulf. Not one to hold back, where can i buy cheapest Phentrimine online, Phentrimine price, she certainly captures the mood and adds appropriate context to the situation. Knowing she's out there, order Phentrimine, Rx free Phentrimine, beyond the filter of the mainstream, is certainly comforting, purchase Phentrimine online no prescription. Her honesty helps us to catch ourselves and pulls us out of complacency, often shaking the foundations of our worldview or what we deem to be acceptable in our reality. 

The article is powerful, Buy Phentrimine Online Without Prescription. Buy Phentrimine online no prescription, Infuriating. A little sad and hopeless, online buying Phentrimine. Where can i find Phentrimine online, And yet an important alarm sounding. Calling on us to correct course, Phentrimine over the counter. Following are some choice paragraphs (Full article via the Guardian)

Buy Phentrimine Online Without Prescription, If Katrina pulled back the curtain on the reality of racism in America, the BP disaster pulls back the curtain on something far more hidden: how little control even the most ingenious among us have over the awesome, intricately interconnected natural forces with which we so casually meddle. Buy Phentrimine in canada, BP cannot plug the hole in the Earth that it made. Obama cannot order fish species to survive, australia, uk, us, usa, canada, mexico, india, craiglist, ebay, Order Phentrimine from mexican pharmacy, or brown pelicans not to go extinct (no matter whose ass he kicks).

This Gulf coast crisis is about many things – corruption, deregulation, Phentrimine from canadian pharmacy, Buy cheap Phentrimine no rx, the addiction to fossil fuels. But underneath it all, buy cheapest Phentrimine, Phentrimine for sale, it's about this: our culture's excruciatingly dangerous claim to have such complete understanding and command over nature that we can radically manipulate and re-engineer it with minimal risk to the natural systems that sustain us.

None of this sloppiness would have been possible, however, buy Phentrimine no prescription, Buy Phentrimine online cod, had BP not been making its predictions to a political class eager to believe that nature had indeed been mastered. Some, buy Phentrimine without a prescription, Phentrimine pharmacy, like Republican Lisa Murkowski, were more eager than others, where can i order Phentrimine without prescription. The Alaskan senator was so awe-struck by the industry's four-dimensional seismic imaging that she proclaimed deep-sea drilling to have reached the very height of controlled artificiality, Buy Phentrimine Online Without Prescription. Order Phentrimine online c.o.d, "It's better than Disneyland in terms of how you can take technologies and go after a resource that is thousands of years old and do so in an environmentally sound way," she told the Senate energy committee just seven months ago.

With gas prices soaring to unprecedented heights, buy Phentrimine from mexico, Order Phentrimine no prescription, that's when the conservative leader Newt Gingrich unveiled the slogan "Drill Here, Drill Now, buy no prescription Phentrimine online, Purchase Phentrimine online, Pay Less" – with an emphasis on the now. The wildly popular campaign was a cry against caution, Phentrimine samples, against study, against measured action. In Gingrich's telling, drilling at home wherever the oil and gas might be – locked in Rocky Mountain shale, in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and deep offshore – was a surefire way to lower the price at the pump, create jobs, and kick Arab ass all at once.

Human limitation has been the one constant of this catastrophe. After two months, we still have no idea how much oil is flowing, nor when it will stop.

And this is surely the strangest twist in the Gulf coast saga: it seems to be waking us up to the reality that the Earth never was a machine. After 400 years of being declared dead, and in the middle of so much death, the Earth is coming alive.

Virtually all indigenous cultures have myths about gods and spirits living in the natural world – in rocks, mountains, glaciers, forests – as did European culture before the scientific revolution. Katja Neves, an anthropologist at Concordia University, points out that the practice serves a practical purpose. Calling the Earth "sacred" is another way of expressing humility in the face of forces we do not fully comprehend. .

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