January 19th, 2011 by Justin Kemerling
Stop and Play is an organization, online portfolio and idea exchange/curatorial forum. We use art as a medium to raise awareness and funds to help protect the living. This website compiles images, texts, videos and news from a range of different subjects aiming to inform and inspire you to join us as an art internet curator and act. We place a special effort in working together and speaking out with those who show what the media does not cover, living realities which do not sell, that have been omitted, forgotten, lost or suppressed and must be brought to light. The closer we get to this, the bigger our hopes and chance for a future where the living exists with the equal rights they were born to. We filter with the desire to provide valuable and life changing information. Our home is your home and we want to publish what you love and show the world new ways of making a difference through our PROTECT THE LIVING THROUGH ART SPECIAL PROJECTS, which you are invited to be a part of. Together we fight for the rights and the love for our bigger family, bringing different organizations/players together. We believe all knowledge is golden as long as you celebrate it, and we have chosen art as our instrument as it lives in all of us, indifferent of our backgrounds. We must immediately share the knowledge that enlightens our daily lives but which also travels way beyond our humble and precious existence. Our knowledge is our art, and together we curate and work to make a difference.

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