Our blog wishes you farewell and happy travels…

December 23rd, 2011 by The Match Factory
After 2 year of TMF.com being a dedicated blog of our interests and work projects, with an eye toward an ever-evolving future, we are retiring from the blogging world. As new opportunities and challenges continue to present themselves, we're transitioning in 2012 and are uncertain what exactly that looks like. We just know we have lost interest in the whole "posting stuff we think is cool" thing. It's been fun while it's lasted. But new projects and situations now demand new responses. The Match Factory as an idea has always been outside the realm of our day jobs. We want it to continue to be. While we work with inspiring clients, we are artists to a certain degree, and have that urge to make art. In some form, that is what the Match Factory will continue to be. Initially, TMF.com will be our Big Cartel storefront. How it changes, well, that is still to be decided. In closing, we thank you for reading. And wish you farewell, good tidings this winter solstice, and happy travels. Until next time, Justin and Jason.

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  1. wally Says:

    Thanks TMF!

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