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Haiti’s Story Told with Posters

Friday, February 4th, 2011
HOW Magazine's Blog features The Haiti Poster Project, now with over 510 artists:
  • Over a year ago, in the wake of a tragedy, designers and artists were called to action by The Haiti Poster Project. Limited edition posters are donated and signed by their creators, and funds from their sales benefit Doctors without Borders for Haiti’s relief efforts.

Relaunch | The Match Factory Online Store

Monday, January 17th, 2011
A Design Shop for Prints & Projects After a very long hiatus, the online store of the Match Factory has been relaunched. It's now a design shop where you'll find our projects ranging from the personal to the political. And the optimistic. All screenprints are hand-pulled by yours truly and all projects are self-initiated in keeping with our original statement of intent: because making is part of things. We'll be adding more projects in the future and will of course keep things lively. Prints about love? Yes of course. And political activism? Why most definitely. Ah, sweet-sweet variety. As it's a design shop for our prints and projects, all sales will go to the making of more prints and projects. And the cycle will go on as long as it makes sense for us. Thank you for your interest, and for your support.


Friday, January 14th, 2011
BBCX365, by Johnny Selman, is a poster project to bridge the knowledge gap between global current events and the American public.
  • I will do this by creating a more visually interesting vehicle for the news, use a credible news source (BBC), and promote, market, and network. I will design a poster a day for 365 days in reaction to a headline on the BBC news website and update this website everyday with the poster and the accompanying news story. By creating posters based on the news stories I hope to compel my audience to look into the article and eventually stir a larger interest in world news with the American public.
  • In 2008 the internet overtook all other outlets for international and national news aside from television. Forty percent of Americans got their news online in 2008, up from twenty-seven percent the previous year. It can be estimated that currently over 50% of Americans use the internet as their main source of news. Nearly six-in-ten Americans younger than 30 (fifty-nine percent) say they get most of their national and international news online (Pew). With the rise in popularity of mobile devices and the continued trajectory of Americans getting their news online; this project will predominantly be based online.
  • Posters have always been a direct communication tool for the masses. Typically presented in public spaces, posters have always been a popular vehicle for graphics. Because the Web is becoming the public space where the majority of Americans are getting their news, I am trying to re-imagine the role of the poster online.

Let’s Swap

Thursday, December 16th, 2010
Let's Swap is a place where artists and designers can swap art for free. It's brought to you by stellar NYC design firm Hyperakt: meaningful design for the common good. The first featured swap: Food for Thought / Jason Lynch
  • If you had to make a sandwich of all the stuff that inspires you to create, what would it look like? That's precisely what Hyperaktivist Jason Lynch has illustrated. Airplanes, good coffee, crafty booze, robots, and loud guitars are all prominently featured in this limited edition 22" x 30" poster, printed in gray and fluorescent orange by Jason on a gorgeous Folio bright white stock.
[caption id="attachment_3780" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="Food for Thought by Jason Lynch"][/caption] Katie and I are part of the "Accepted Swaps" for our print You'll Find Me Frolicking. We're thrilled to be a part of such a great project. [caption id="attachment_3779" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="You'll Find Me Frolicking by Katie + Justin Kemerling"][/caption] The finer details:
  • How does it work? There's one limited edition featured swap at all times. If you want it, hit the Swap button and propose what you want to exchange for it. The featured artist will pick their favorite swaps and they'll be posted on with an artist credit. New featured swaps will be selected on a regular basis. There's no accounts, no fees and no fuss.
  • What's the point? As much as we love the web, there's nothing like holding a beautiful printed piece in your hands or putting it up on your wall. We love posters and books and we know there are tons of talented artists and designers that share this love. We're using the web to celebrate print and using art as currency to collect art.
Share and share alike. And spread the word.


Monday, December 13th, 2010
[caption id="attachment_3600" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="19x25" Screenprint on 140lb CVR French Paper; Smart White"][/caption] Hello and Welcome! It's the final weeks of 2010. Holiday time is upon us. Good tidings. Great cheer. Et cetera and so on. And I for one am looking forward to a little down time. A nice bit of "slow down" if you will. Perhaps some reflection, a little visioning for the coming year and for certain some booze. Maybe even lots of booze. This is America after all. Amidst all the food, family and shopping, being driven to drink is certainly a national pastime. Reflecting on America in 2010, there are a couple of other certainties that will be with us as 2011 is ushered in. The war isn't over, even if we want it. The economy not recovered. And the environment is still being left to the polluters. The education system is abysmal for most. Health care now even more corporatized. Big money floods like never before into our elections. More tax cuts for the rich, less jobs for the rest. Glenn Beck is still talking insanity. Sarah Palin's out there doing whatever the hell you call that thing Sarah Palin does. And John Boehner is set to be the new Speaker of the House. While President Barack Obama, from this lefty's perspective, is leaving a lot to be desired. The least we can do, instead of building that damn wall, demonizing the Islamic cultural center in New York or keeping our gay and lesbian service members in the shadows of the military, is all be a little more welcoming. It should be handshake first (or hug, whichever you prefer), suspicion second. It's the core of that American Dream Representative Boehner is so fond of. It wasn't always "innocent until proven guilty". And it doesn't have to be "this is America, learn to speak English, these colors don't run, USA-USA-USA" or whatever else we chant to assert our "dominance." Instead, we can be a little less of a jerk. For the record, we need not worry about taking our country back from anyone. There's plenty of America to go around, we just need to learn to share it a little better. Sometimes it can seem impossible, what with all the wealth up at the top. But we can change that. And fix the environment. And end those wars. And make education available to all. Same with health care. It will take time. And a lot of effort. Along the way, I think it would be best if, instead of that wall and whatever demonizing of the other we've got going on this week, let's put the friendlier side our nature out front first. And save all the energy we've been putting into that damn wall for some new schools instead. So let's keep being the place where anybody, anywhere can come and make a go of it. That's certainly something to be proud of. Now say it with a smile: THIS IS AMERICA. HELLO! AND WELCOME. You can purchase a print of This Is America Hello! and Welcome for $20 HERE. It's my End-O-2010 poster being sold so I can keep doing random projects like this. Thank you for your support. -- Justin Kemerling, Designer. [caption id="attachment_3696" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="SHIPPED IN A STURDY TUBE"][/caption]

Say Something: Keep Going

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010
[caption id="attachment_3577" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="Keep Going by Katie + Justin Kemerling"][/caption] Katie and I just submitted our poster for the Say Something Poster Project organized by DesignIsMyThing and supported by AIGA Boston.
  • The Say Something Poster Project is a poster design competition and gallery show created to give designers the opportunity to use poster design to say something that will inspire, motivate or educate teenage kids.
  • Winning posters will be donated to a non-profit organization and permanently installed in their facility. This year, that nonprofit will be The Home for Little Wanderers.
  • The Home for Little Wanderers (The Home), is a non-profit child and family service agency located throughout Eastern Massachusetts. Their mission is to ensure the healthy emotional, mental, and social development of children at risk, their families, and communities.
  • Posters will be permanently installed within The Home’s facilities and used as a tool for group discussions, writing exercises, debating contests and creative inspiration.
They are accepting submissions until Dec 31. The top 100 posters with the highest number of votes and the highest rating will move on to the second round judging panel, then on to a one night gallery show. And the winners to the Home for Little Wanderers. You can vote on our poster HERE.


Wednesday, December 1st, 2010
[caption id="attachment_3548" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="December @ Tugboat"][/caption] PLEASE POST POSTER SHOW The first friday opening reception is on 12/3/10 and runs from 7-10pm. BE THERE!! Tugboat Gallery Lincoln, NE 116 N. 14th Street Above Gomez Art Supply in the Parrish Building A poster show featuring the art and design of Denny Schmickle, Joey Lynch, Bonnie O' Connell, Fred Hosman and Justin Kemerling. The show itself runs from 12/3/10-12/29/10

Death Is Not Justice | The Book

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Death is not justice - Catalogue from poster for tomorrow on Vimeo.

Visit Poster for Tomorrow.

America Votes Soon…

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010
[caption id="attachment_3268" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="Fabric Of America By Adam Elliott"][/caption] In less than a week, on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010, the American Voter will decide the future of the republic as it moves forward in 2011. Or backwards. And goodness, have you talked to the "American Voter" lately? It's a bit worrying. A couple years ago, I remember a lot of discussion about that American Voter being patient. And willing to make sacrifices as the Obama Administration made some very tough decisions about fixing the economy, health care, Afghanistan, the auto industry, credit cards, etc. To the American Voter, I say Ha! Voting Republican this year is like eating a Big Mac. It may taste good at first, but it's so bad for your health, the environment, gives you a headache in 1-2 hours and shouldn't you be buying local? Now, voting Democrat, you may be pissed at them, but really, they are the only chance of using that powerful tool known as the federal government to do really important shit. Like investing in solar, building a light rail system (remember, the FG built the Interstate system), stimulating the economy (yes, the stimulus was a good thing) and doing all the other things only the federal government can do in order to fix our big problems with health care, energy, environment, education and so on to eternity. So, if you're so concerned about our deficit, about leaving our children with piles of debt, well let's get to making some sacrifices. No more wars, tax cuts, oil subsidies, social security and Medicare. If you're more concerned with leaving our children with an uninhabitable planet because our carbon emissions officially ruined all chances to grow healthy food and breath clean air, well we still need that ole federal government. Because the states are a bunch of whiney crybabies. If you're tired of politics and would prefer to stay at home on November 2nd, really, some people are going to do that? And if you're a designer and want to make a poster about all the batshit craziness that is American Politics, please submit to Thank you.

The Say Something Poster Project

Friday, October 22nd, 2010
The Say Something Poster Project is a poster design competition and gallery show created to give designers the opportunity to use poster design to say something that will inspire, motivate and educate teenage kids. Download the Call for Entries PDF Online Voting: Nov 15 - Dec 31.