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Broken City Lab

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010
[caption id="attachment_1307" align="alignnone" width="520" caption="The Save the City project will bring together emerging artists and city residents to imagine and prompt creative social engagements and civic activation."][/caption] I recently discovered Broken City Lab: "an artist-led interdisciplinary creative research group that tactically disrupts and engages the city, its communities, and its infrastructures to reimagine the potential for action in the collapsing post-industrial city of Windsor, Ontario." I really love the idea of "MAKE THINGS HAPPEN." I'm blown away by all the projects and research on the site. And I guess I'm still processing all the radness. So yeah, please just visit their site. Broken City Lab’s creative activity is located at the intersection of social practice, performance, and activism. The lab attempts to generate a new dialogue surrounding public participation and community engagement in the creative process, with a focus on the city as both a research site and workspace. It is not about doing the work of the city’s officials, or social workers, or politicians; it is about finding new creative ways to address our concerns with the city, while recognizing that our concerns may be similar to those of other community members.